Black holes

Hawking showed that at the EH virtual particles can do strange things, namely escape just at the edge. These escaping particles will eventually "evaporate" a black hole. But the no. of trillion years required is almost silly.

MicroBHs, however, are so small in mass that if one is formed, it will evaporate extremely fast.
IMO black holes eventually consume everything and each other.
They are reborn after a collision with another universe and the compression of time that is a black hole is lost for a millisecond. (big bang)

So they never really die, just reborn as a different selection of energy and mass to repeat the same sort of process.

Hawkins theory is based on singularities points of infinite mass/energy.
Those places don't exist in our universe or we wouldn't so i expect the idea of gravity is wrong and the escape from it is also wrong.


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