Boeing's Starliner launches astronauts for 1st time in historic liftoff (photos, video)

Finally and we wish the crew a safe mission. Next most crucial test is touchdown on Land, a first for NASA!
Best wishes.
(Dr. Ravi Sharma, Ph.D. USA)
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Congratulations to Boeing and ULA for a succesful launch (after several frustrating delays). I think this is the first time a crew has been launched by an Atlas V? (which obviously had to achieve human rating certification beforehand). However as the Atlas V is being retired and no more new Atlas V launchers will be produced I wonder how many more times (if at all) Starliner will be launched on the remaining Atlas Vs? According to Wikipedia as of June 2024, 16 launches remain (not sure whether today's starliner launch takes that down to 15 remaining). How many of these remaining launches (if any) have been allocated to Starliner? Other future ULA launches will use the new Vulcan Centaur rocket, but again of course that needs to achieve human rating certification before it can be used for Starliner.