Boeing's Starliner test flight had a 2nd critical software issue, NASA panel finds (report)

Feb 7, 2020
We've already seen how conscientious Boeing's software engineers are with the 737 max snafus. Do we really want more deaths? I mean, c'mon, it is as if M$ was coding for them. Enough errors in one operating system to allow a dark web to access everyone in the world's banking if M$ style software programming is employed!

Why don't they allow people who have real expertise in software construction and in software troubleshooting write the programs? Why must Boeing keep it all in-house and kill people?

This needs to get of the ground (Boeing can do that!) and keep people alive (not such a good track record with their software on that score). We need this transport to the ISS. We do not need Boeing sabotaging our efforts with their inane coding skills. Didn't the 737 max teach industry & NASA anything?
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Jan 21, 2020
Boeing only now found out its entire code is suspect even though it won the contract in September 2014?! The blasé attitude of the Boeing rep wasn't convincing, so imagine being a spouse of the first CFT crew and hearing him. God help those who fly on Starliner.
Jan 13, 2020
SpaceX has been refining it's cargo delivery software with each cargo Dragon's launch to the ISS. So when the unmanned crew Dragon docked it went flawlessly. Would have helped Boeing too had they started with a cargo version.