Bucket List: A Dozen+ Exposures of NGC 238

Jul 27, 2023
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Ahoy! New to the forums, first post.

I have a bucket list item, to get at least a dozen impressive-quality (whether by observatory or by high-end amateurs) pictures of specifically NGC 238/Leda 2595. If even low-end amateurs (self-described, preferably) wanted to take a shot at it, I'd be glad ^__^;;

I could just google-fu my way into finding pictures of it, but I would like to be the cause of photographs being taken of it, by request. I have autism and my brain has decided to fixate a niche-topic on specifically this one. I have had dreams about it =)

I have read that it is RA 00:43:25.7445053400, DEC -50:10:58.33706292 but don't have any way to confirm it exactly, as I have no equipment, plus it requires the observer to either be in the southern hemisphere -- or in space (whereas I am in northern, and not in space :sweatsmile: ). If the hubble/webb would look at it, of course that'd be incredible, but that's a pipe dream at this point =)

The article on wiki in English has very little info on it and only a very hazy/grainy shot of it, but the DIQ (spoken in Turkey I think) version of wiki has loads of other codes for it (pasted):
NGC 238, 2MASX J00432575-5010580, ESO 194-31, PGC 2595, 6dFGS gJ004325.8-501058, AM 0041-502, ESO-LV 194-0310, HIPASS J0043-50, SGC 004107-5027.5, LEDA 2595, [SLK2004] 99, APMBGC 194-093+021 û Gaia DR2 4926480050047663616, so whichever may help best.

I am considering making a list of observatories in the southern hemisphere to see if any generous people who already have a sliver of time booked, could point a shred of their booked time toward it for a visual snapshot, but I figured I'd ask here as the starting point. I recently saw a tiktok of some northern hem astrophotogs and it got me to thinking maybe there are at least a dozen southern dwellers who interested in taking requests =)

I guess my main question for this forum is: do you have any ideas on who I might contact to put in such a request? Do you know of any astrophotogs who dwell in the southern hemisphere or plan to be/travel there soon for taking photos, and whether they accept requests?

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