Buildings with rotating sections on mars to simulate higher gravity

Nov 27, 2020
We've all seen the endless designs and scifi examples of future space ships and stations with rotating sections creating a centrifuge effect where if a certain spinning speed is achieved then the outer section can mimic earths 1G gravity. However there really doesn't seem to be much talk out there about what happens next when we get to Mars and spend a whole lot of time there lol. While Mars's light 0.37g gravity may be enough to circumvent some of the unpleasant affects astronauts have experienced from full weightlessness presumably it would only delay these effects due to still being so weak compared to the 1g our bodies are used to/built for on Earth. If we end up building a moon base such issues will be even more problematic on it's 0.16g surface if we plan to have people living in these bases for years on end.

Therefore humans will need places they can go that can simulate Earth's 1g gravity. Constantly having to return to rotating stations in orbit seems impractical and even if something is built on the surface they're not really going to have the free time to spend endless hours in there so I've seen suggestions of making sleeping chambers in rotating sections set at a certain angle which would be interesting. Saw an article about people merely cycling in a angled centrifugal building could do the work however requiring our own bodies to generate the required speed/power seems impractical since we burn out pretty quick so us spending time in a era where it's happening mechanically in the structure still seems better.

Building giant buildings with rotating sections on another world seems like an even tougher challenge than a spinning spaceship so I'm surprised there aren't more articles, papers, designs and plans on the possibilities and impossibilities relating to combating the effects of Mars's lack of gravity on our bodies.
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May 14, 2021
Not just sleeping quarters, they need to walk/run, lift stuff and so forth to keep up musculature, skeletal, and cardiovasculer, and probably everything else. Doesn’t happen sleeping . . .
May 25, 2021
All of the more recent Hollywood space ships Ive seen in movies have a gym, break room, dineing room, meeting room and much more in the centrifuges. On a building or a HAB is a good point.
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