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Can a Black Hole "star" commit fusion, would the photons collect inside the star, would the photons degrade into something else?

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Mar 6, 2021
Universe (U), universe(s) (u). ('1') ('1:1:1:1....') Mirror mirroring to infinity of..... points. Infinite / Infinitesimal. Infinite(s) / finite(s). Infinity of point infinitesimal(s) / infinity of finite (bubble) universes. Tractable bubbles (points) (dimensions) ('1') ('1:1:1:1....'). Dead center position of infinite, 0-point (a real point of space (not a history, not a ghost)) (a real point of time (not a history, not a ghost)). The infinity of 0-points broad and deep. How many particles in a particle? How many points in a point? How many points in a point infinitesimal? How many points in a (tractable) bubble universe? How many points to each end of the wormhole corridor (not all would have to be bi-directional) of any blackhole you can circumnavigate the event horizon of completely? Distant points "entangled." "Spooky action at a distance."
This definitely looks like some kind of sci-fi literature. It's simply too good my friend.