Can anyone help me figure this out?

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Dec 2, 2019
Hello everyone, I was hoping someone might be able to help me figure out something odd I saw one night a few years ago?

There are a couple of explanations that came to mind, but they don't really seem to fit what I saw, so maybe someone who knows more about this kind of stuff than me could help...

I was out walking my sisters dog around 10 or 11pm on a clear night, and there's a tree that she likes to stop and sniff around for a while (the dog, not my sister), and I'll usually stare up at the stars when they're out. So there I was, looking up at what I thought was Venus since it was quite a bit brighter and bigger than all the other stars, when I noticed it was getting bigger. I probably thought it was my eyes focusing on it or something, but it got even bigger... and bigger... until it was (my memory's slightly hazy on exactly how big it got) between half to the full size of the moon. It then proceeded to shrink down to its former size before shrinking even further into nothingness. It all lasted about 30-60 seconds, was very smooth in it's transition, and was kind of like a long pulse. It didn't change shape at all, it was a perfect circle. I can't recall whether the brightness changed as it grew in size or whether it stayed uniform, but it was certainly as bright as a full moon whilst it was at that size. There wasn't any noise either.

I've been perplexed ever since, and often thought about asking people in some kind of forum what they think it could have been, so here I am asking if any of you know what the hell I saw! My first thought was supernova, but I'm pretty sure that's wrong for various reasons. Then I thought maybe a meteorite, but I've seen plenty of those in videos and they're nothing at all like that was, so I'm at a loss. I live in rural England, if that helps?

Thanks to anyone who might be able to shed any light on this damn thing.
I've had a similar experience.
My wife can't go to sleep at night until I've finished my pole routine. She likes to video them each night, and when I have to work overnight, she will pull them out which helps her reach a state of contentment where she is able to relax and drift off.
A few years ago the routine changed for one night, or at least I thought so. I woke up the following day, and thanked her for letting me have the night off. I then proceeded to express my gratitude for how much I enjoyed watching the stars with her the previous evening, but I found that aliens landing in our backyard was somewhat unsettling.
She informed me that there was no such occurrence, but she thought she understood how I might have come to that conclusion. She then proceeded to show me the video from the previous evening.
Apparently, while performing my upside down flag stand on the pole, followed by my ever daring death slide of doom towards the floor, I apparently misjudged the distance to the floor and bashed my head off the hardwood where I laid calmly with a bewildered smile on my face commenting about how pretty the stars were tonight. She then expressed her gratitude for helping her to fall asleep through the sheer exhaustion of laughing hysterically for the following hour.
Now I do stand-up routines every night.
It's an improvement.
I think you bumped your head on the tree and just don't remember it.
You should get your sister to follow you around with a video camera and record everything you do when you walk her dog at night just to make sure you weren't case I'm wrong.
However, that's highly unlikely.
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