Question Can one infinity be larger than another infinity?

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"Don't criticize what you can't understand..."
Maybe politicians who think that there is an infinite amount of money they can use as they wish? That may be a definition of infinite?
I doubt if Earth is infinite.

And I think my question has been answered, my original question was "Can one infinity be larger than another infinity?" I have realized that the question itself is an oddity. 1/0 is an oddity in the sense that we will never reach 1. In the same way, we will never reach infinity, no matter how much we subtract or add, therefore, the question itself is as ambiguous as asking what was before time, and I think we may end this discussion and close this thread. :)
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Exactly! Discussing infinity is fodder for those academics drinking lattes in the faculty lounges. But it is little else of practical significance to the eight billion people trying to make a living and just get along. Maybe politicians who think that there is an infinite amount of money they can use as they wish? That may be a definition of infinite?
Of course you're wrong. All through history in a decaying and dying civilization (one that had found its local-finite limits) you run across jaded (decaying) beings. Hopefully no one here fits that description. Each shrinking and closing of frontier behind reveals the next frontier potentially opening ahead because the means (structure and infrastructure and powers) to it then exist. One once unlimited frontier down (now Old World), next unlimited frontier up (now New World Frontier), plane to plane, to plane of frontier. Infinite potential of frontier. The Old World then itself is New World thanks to being a part of the infinity ahead and opening. The [[unobservable]] universe(s), from Earth, that will then be coming within potential reach.

There are no limits to the next space frontier until we reach and grow into them. It is always infinite until we find that it is not. Only a narrow and jaded mind would refuse life's birth and growth from a shrunken old world frontier ever increasing in entropy, ever increasing in restrictions and constrictions, in virtually every system. Would refuse the open (the opening) system. Would refuse, for now and long to come, the unlimited. Would refuse, for now and long to come, the next expansive step (expansive plane) in infinity. Would refuse expansive, opening, frontier's (infinity's frontiers') prevention of shrinkage in individual and mass genius. Shrinking (jading) minds, particularly shrinkages in the masses' mind, fit shrinking worlds. Expanding minds, particularly expansions in the masses' mind, fit expanding frontiers. It's called "spatial mindedness".

Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain had to borrow money to pay for the three ships Columbus sailed west in. They cost too much for the kingdom itself to afford. Within a hundred years, hundreds of ships were constantly on the seas and constantly enroute back and forth (or being constructed to be so). Every ship was in the process of being advanced over and cost more than Columbus's three, and not a one of them was too unaffordable (as so many claimed while Columbus was enroute) to build and send. So damn few had foresight. So damn many had hindsight.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
I totally agree with IG.

I said practically the same thing: #80 and #96.
"Since infinity is not a number, I would not have thought you can treat it as a number.
You will have noted the arguments involving infinity + 1 etcetera. Is this not treating infinity as a number, because otherwise how do you manipulate a (concept + number) ?"

As IG started this thread, does he have the option to request closure?

Cat :)
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