Celestron Starsense Explorer App

Apr 16, 2023
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I've been waiting weeks for snow to leave my area so I could enter the pursuit of astronomy with my new Celestron 8" Dobsonian. The much lauded Starsense guidance app was the main reason for selecting this scope. Unfortunately my first experiences, under optimal conditions, have been provided much frustration and disappointment. Celestron tech support hasn't helped much. The issue is the app's inability to find location. My research indicates that despite information to the contrary on Celestron's site, my Pixel 6a phone is incompatible. Seems like there are many reports of similar issues with newer phones including iPhone 14. Users are having to use older phones to get the app to work. Before I invest in an older phone to dedicate to the telescope, I'm hoping to get confirmation from users as to which phones actually work. Thanks
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