Chaos Theory 'Zoom Universe' Continued

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Wormhole teleportation is presumed between entangled states in the verse, micro-verse and macro-verse.

A known but always forgotten physic of the verse is that relativity always breaks down, will always breakdown, going away from the local up and out, and down and in, to the non-local macro- and micro-verses. But does it really break down between all localities? Can the non-local breakdowns of relativity between local buildups of relativity be skipped over for universally purposed entanglements (again micro- and macrocosmic)?

Yes . . . or we wouldn't be here in our flesh, our unitary bodies, our [relatively] -- and [quantum] -- entangled worlds of anything and everything [we are] across so much, so vastly much, space all at once as to time as we, and those worlds, cross and are. We would be devoid of the information transfers so usual and common to our relative and quantum states as to be taken for being built-in (taken so wrongly for granted (that there is no macro and micro entanglement, no relative and quantum entanglement, involved)).

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