Colonizing Mars Versus Colonizing the High Frontier of Space

An article on Live Science addresses the possibility of a colony of million people being established on Mars by the end of the century:

How long will it take for humans to colonize another planet? | Live Science

Even if true, what have the seven to ten billion other people on Earth, many of whom might like to look forward to some kind of frontier future both out-land there in a New World of Frontier and in-land here on Homeland Earth as the same New World of Frontier to look forward to? Mars will have nothing for them, nothing for them whatsoever!

On the other hand, the High Frontier of Space, beginning with such local facilitations of '2001: A Space Odyssey' and 'Voyager Station'-type stations, extending up to Stanford Torus cloud-like city-state colonies in space orbiting the L-points to start with will have something for the thousands, the millions, the billions, and more to look forward to in a solar systemic micro-galaxy modeling of ever widening, ever enlarging, ship and shipping networks, ever more innovative and inventive, frontiers pointed toward the galactic frontiers beyond the solar system.

The space colonization of the High Frontier that will be the intermediate modeling of the reach to the galaxy in the Solar System that will step itself out to the galaxy through both finesse and a brute force -- an ever widening and ever deepening frontage -- of numbers (a symbiotic life of life and machine in exoskeletal and intra-skeletal-like structure and infrastructure), expanding in masses and energies (including life masses and energies) in both local and wide area networks of both public and personal colonization (PCs).

Talking up the colonization of the Moon and Mars as the future is like talking up the colonization of Iceland as the New World in 1492CE versus opening the entire frontier world of the Western Hemisphere and the whole of the Maritime Frontier of Earth. Mars will be colonized -- actually probably from a 'cloud-city'-like station support facility or city-state space colony or two, or three, in Mars orbit -- but don't talk it up to the billions of Earth as almost the only (it is the most limited and limiting possible) future of Space Frontier.
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