Computation-bound areas of astronomy (and what gates them)

Nov 3, 2021
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Are there interesting astronomical problems that could be fully/partially solved by distributed computing?

Similar to folding@home or seti@home, but as a a carve-out from something like a video game. Imagine a checkbox in video games settings that enables/disables using spare cycles on the machine for some crowdsourced astronomical computing.

Thinks like numerical integration, data mining etc in the name of astronomy. Perhaps numerical integration of ephemeris data from a large set of initial conditions to looking for solar systems that match our observations etc etc. Or, signal processing. Etc. How would I find someone who'd be interested in follow up questions/discussion?

I'm looking at this from the perspective of aligning game design with opportunities to do actual science. Two birds with one stone works when the birds are very closely aligned, but fails badly when you split the difference and they're too far apart, right?

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