"dark matter"

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The argonne presentation looks good but only if we substitute dark magnoflux force each time they mention dark matter. It is not the dark matter that is causing the gases to mix but the magnetic field associated with it. This is somehow confirmed by the fact that the progression into outer space shows the development towards the top magnetic pole of the universe as shown in the first Utube video.
It is not true that space is empty. Space is full of magnetic fields that hold the stars in a set orbit within each galaxy.
A side effect is that as every star can sense magnetically where others stars in that galaxy are that they all have influence on each otherwhich results in an induced black hole appearing atthe centre of each galaxy. The size and apparent mass [not real matter as it is induced] of the black hole represents the total galaxy mass.
The central black holes in each galaxy also repel each other, thus pushing the universe apart as observed by cosmologists.This magnoflux force field of minus 10 to 20 G [gravities] stops the black holes colliding due to mass attraction and at the same time gives spins the stars within its own galaxy.
If we simply consider the forces set up by Dark matter and rename them dark magnetic force then the models in my view becomes far easier to understand.


CliveS, it's very hard to think of dark matter as being a force given results like the Bullet Cluster. Pretty much any conceivable force (especially a magnetic one) will have a distribution mirroring that of the matter generating it.


This whole Dark Matter stuff is getting out of hand, by now the field is open to every possible speculation. Today on space.com you can read about stars made of dark matter and emitting ORDINARY photons! Since all DM particles are hypotetical right now a scientist can just pick thier "favorite" ones and run a computer model resulting in outlandish results.
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