Demios as a SpaceX target

I'm forwarding an auxillary or plan B Mission to Demios upgrading Starship. Demios will be the less toxic Moon; an astronaut may still need to roll out a carpet and their career might be over if there is still trace Mars dust.
Starship can be upgraded with 3, no that's silly, 2 boosters forming a cross profile or perhaps a scissor truss bar between extended twin liquid booster rockets; the booster rockets are initially against a new Starship design and extend radially outwards well after Earth launch.
A low IQ person can now fly to Demios and return or return 1/2 way to Earth for transfer. The boosters are 10-25m away from the Demios-Starship design after extension. The twin boosters are fired to get Starship to near Demios. Empty, they and the truss are the payload being delivered to a crater on Demios. They form storage lockers. After landing, leaving the payload, Demios-Starship returns towards Earth. The booster interiors are exposed to vacuum on the Moon. Nearly the whole ship at launch will need armor perhaps Ti.
Samples can be gathered and left in the lockers. Materials packages can be exposed and then stored in the lockers. 3d printing can be attempted remotely with some cover. Supplies for probes and missions to the asteroids can be stored. The truss is an unknown (to me for now) material perhaps Boron, Diamondoid, Sapphire. The ship's software will have to be made user friendly and a quick build-time.
This starts the USA on the road to harvesting iron from the asteroids. Your choice where to process the iron. Eventually I can process powder for metamaterial ion engines on the asteroids and the next planet isn't certain for the USA. TNG might want future user interfaces to pilot as well including eye tracking or infrared joysticks if a fast physics engine.
I'll carefully look at the components re: in situ and additive. The fuel will diffuse gases into the metal pipes. Up to a certain depth the metal isn't suitable for high-quality 3d printing. There are many uses for adsorbed metals. It is good R+D just to have hermetic container up there and try to get rid of the hydrogen in the metal.