Do you think there’s life from on Mars?

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Feb 11, 2020
I want to believe there is life on Mars, it seems as though the Red Planet has been a topic of interest for so long and there's a lot of evidence pointing toward the fact that Mars had some form of life in its 4 billion-year history. The markings in the rock indicate that water was flowing through pathways on the planet and the fact that Mars might still have life even if it was wiped after Mars lost its atmosphere, is an interesting topic to ponder. If there is life on Mars, then we can actually find out more about how life may have formed in our own planet and more about the history of our solar system. But realistically speaking, any life on Mars must have been either recent (in astronomical terms) but very young (and most likely bacteria), or it may have been an intelligent species that was wiped out way before intelligent life on our planet formed because we might have been able to see what remained of them. Thanks!
"I want to believe there is life on Mars"

I would like to think that there was once life on Mars, however primitive.
It would show that we are not alone in the Universe, and especially that the nearest occurrence was only a small hop away, and not at the other side of our galaxy.

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