Does the Future Already Exist?

Jan 2, 2024
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Carlo Rovelli in his book "White Holes" wrestles with time. He says the past is 'written' and the future is 'open'. These are my words and my interpretation.
I disagree on both counts!

I will just address one for now; the future. The idea that the future is 'open' (implying anything can happen) is, to me, incorrect. The future is simply a variety of possibilities that arise from history. The past restricts the openness of the future.

It seems then that the future has more reality than the past in that the only consequence of the past is how it has "set up" the future(s). It has restricted the possibilities (assuming that macro scientific laws still apply). The future then has some defined reality.

In a sense, the future exists but is subject to modification. This may seem obvious but think of this....
What if the process has happened before? What if in the past ( the previous processes past) the future was defined? What if then the future is defined already and guess what(?) here we come to change it??

Here we have it Fate and Free Will reconciled! But, what relevance might this have to cosmology and White Holes?
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