Easiest surface water is radioactive

Almost Supernova systems are where we will find surface water for 10^5-10^6 yrs. It is cottage country landscapes except as radioactive as Fukushima's water storage bins.
That leaves water in granite and water in ice moons as the next pristine water sources. 10ft of continuous granite or 10m of basalt will hold water at STP. Granite is more likely to be freshwater. Granite swishes out salts whereas basalt is in part salts. The battery elements are briny as rock. Each pristine source from an astronomy perspective is about as interesting to me as is a plan by NASA or Blue Origin to move a granite object to a Uranus-to-Saturn sized object for tidal heating. It will take 1000 yrs for tidal heating to happen. Enough time to decontaminate a Roman Bath community. I don't expect a handful of good candidates but more than zero for a relatively easy mega project.