Estonia space wire bottom-up

I've read a Kallaste/Vaimann additive manufacturing paper 1/3 about copper wire. They get the same quality as drawn wire. An advantage with additive manufacturing is you may want to incorporate minor amounts of inclusions. I've 6mm thick copper and a coating of Al, for much of the wire to be noticed by the ion engines but thicker and thinner is there. For wire branches you'd want to gradually telescope the wire broader every mm or so until you are at the desired width. Both these wire modification are easier with AM than wire-drawing.
I'll take advantage of Canada's best physics and hr or two out for this R+D, drawing and/or AM.
Be very careful of Ag. When a cosmic ray hits silver, it creates a particle shower whose secondary constituents sometimes refract perpendicularly even can reflect radially and backwards. A silver atom behind the initial impact may normally elastically rebound or be mildly damaged from a single sided shower; be annihilated from both sides or badly damaged. Ag still welcomed at my future trade shops, is not for manned shielding deep space.
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