Europe's Mars sample return orbiter moving ahead despite NASA budget uncertainty

Jan 9, 2020
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So, of course this begs the question: What if NASA cannot accomplish their part of the exercise - building a vehicle to launch the samples into orbit for the Europeans. Think about it. We are not talking about 1 space craft. We are talking about a minimum of two if not more. Something has to transport the Mars surface return rocket to Mars. Then the return rocket has to descend to Mars, collect the samples, which I understand are scattered over a large area, and then stow them into the return container and take off with it into Mars Orbit. So, we are talking: 1) Big ship to carry small surface ship to Mars, 2) Surface ship, either 1 or 2 piece, that also carries 3) surface vehicle to collect the samples. We are talking about a minimum of 3 vehicles. It would have been easier if Perseverance came with a collection container in which to put all the samples, but I guess those rocket engineers weren't thinking that far ahead. Good luck and thanks for all the fish. Cheers.
Jul 11, 2024
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How can the ESA fully continue with their ERO design since the main component, CCRS is a NASA GSFC design that is currently on pause?
*Though the CCRS design is also nearly 100% complete.