Existing simultaneously in more than one state

Aug 14, 2020
All matter particles are said to have an anti-matter particle twin existing. I don't think this is quite true as presented. It's not the way to see the reality. What I think is the reality is that it is the same particle, just one and the same particle, thus all particles everywhere and everywhen situate, existing in more than one state (+/-) simultaneously. Particle duality rather than two, or twin, particles.

And as to a total release of energy in collisions of matter and anti-matter, as this layman sees it, that end is just beginning (E = M x C^2 | C^2 = E / M | M = E / C^2 (simultaneity)).

Infinity equals '1' ((+/-) '1'), constant!

It's a Multiverse Universe (U).


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