Fermi paradox and FRB my comment

Aug 31, 2021
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There are two things concerning famous Fermi paradox "where are everyone?"that crossed my mind. First, I have never seen a billionaire. Does that mean billionairs do not exist? No. It means they do not mingle with ordinary people. Ordinary people move in their ordinary circles while billionairs visit elite country clubs. I have never seen an alien, either. Does that mean aliens do not exist? Why don`t we use the same logic?

Second, when humans pass near intellectualy inferior beings, for example insects, do we introduce ourselves to them and exchange technologies or we catch and examine them? Using same logic, much advanced e.t. species could have been visiting us and taking samples for thousands of years. How can we see an observer? Object of observation is seen by observer(s) not vice versa. Further more, if we do find alien bodies that could have been mere weight disposal. That aliens could easily be of a primitive kind, closer to us than to our mutual stalkers, making us think how humans are the most developed race in the Universe. It is like seeing a small fish and thinking that sea is safe to swim. After we enter the water huge dark shadows deep beneath soon change our mind drastically. Or you are in your house concluding that you are the only person on the Earth. Perhapse you should walk the street to make proper assumption? Hence, after achieving intergalactic travel talk to me about our solitude. Not even visiting Alpha Centauri, where yet Andromeda, someone is seriously stating that we are alone in the Universe?

Today I red article here on space.com about newly discovered FRB, much longer and periodical, billions of light-years away from us. My sci-fi mind says it could be an alien beacon or the cosmic light-house. Scientifically, it is probably just an unusual neutron star, pulsar or magnetar. Well, people expect to find unprotected radio signal as a proof of e.t. existence. I suggest e.t. radio signals could be encrypted or camouflaged. There could be not yet discovered ways of communications using field(s) as channel. Maybe there are higher dimensions. Everything people do is so egocentric. We are alone. We are in the center of the Cosmos. We have religion. We are superior. There are only four dimensions. Etc.

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