'Ghostly' neutrino from star-shredding black hole reveals cosmic particle accelerator of epic proportions

Interesting report. The black hole is estimated at 30 million solar masses. Schwarzschild radius ~ 8.8598E+07 km, diameter ~ 1.1845 au. Others report a note of caution in all of this. "Much remains uncertain, though. “With only one neutrino observed from a TDE, you cannot really draw firm conclusions, and the data remain open to interpretation,” admits Lunardini. Stein warns that not everyone agrees on why the X-rays disappeared so quickly. As for the existence of relativistic jets, there’s no corroborating gamma-ray evidence. So far, the Zwicky Transient Facility has found a couple dozens of tidal disruption events, but some of their features elude explanation. “Neutrinos can help to learn more about TDEs and their diversity in the future,” Lunardini notes.", ref - https://skyandtelescope.org/astronomy-news/star-shredding-black-hole-neutrino/


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