help me to choose the correct telescope

Aug 1, 2021
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hello everybody,

i would like to use a telescope for observation of landscape and observation of celestial objects. i have several scopes on my mind and i would like to have your opinion - because i would like to have one telescope for all my needs (i am not so demanding user, so i think it is possible).

i was thinking about these two refractors:

1) BRESSER Taurus 90/900 NG

i like this scope, because it is all-in-one package, the only downside i found is that objective is 9 cm.

2) Meade Infinity 102mm AZ Refractor

this one i found interesting because of it's objective lens (10cm), and its length - allowing me larger field of view for landscape observations

i was thinking about this reflector as well:

3) BRESSER Telescope Spica 130/650 EQ3

i am aware that this one is on eq mount, and that it's not for landscape observations - but i could buy eyepiece that will modify the image for landscape use, and this eq mount could be very useful for gazing into the sky. for this one i would by collimator, and this eyepiece, and i would have the complete amateur package, and for any of the refractors i could by maybe some better 6mm eyepiece, and solar / moon filter.

thanks for your time and interest, any suggestion is welcome

: )


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