Hierarchical Cosmology and the Big Bang

Here is another Big Bang issue (hopefully not a repeat that I missed).

We have all read about the expansion of the Universe, and how galaxies are all flying away from each other since the Big Bang. But looking at all scales above galaxies, this is simply not true. The Universe is composed of web-like concentrations of galaxies, tightly clustered, within massive voids. These voids apparently comprise the vast majority (est. 90%) of what we call "space". Simplistically, this represents an expansion that is selective for two observable "forms" - galaxy clusters and voids - essentially a "biphasic" structure, if you will.

My limited reading on this (there is a lot to read!) suggests it is all explained by models using Hierarchical Clustering. Based on this approach, this biphasic structure of the observable Universe is believed to result from quantum mechanical fluctuations in the first moments following the BB.

If this is true, it seems likely that other aspects related to Hierarchical Clustering could have resulted in unique aspects of the Universe that we cannot see or detect. Since quantum mechanical fluctuations of this scale seems only likely in the very early stages of the BB (or immediately after), what else might result from it, and could we ever really know what it is? And is this the only "accepted" mechanism for the biphasic nature of the visible Universe?
Quantum behavior caused the perfect isotropic beginning to have a tiny bit of anisotropy. It required something like super inflation to minimize this anisotropy. Those tiny spots of temperature variation allowed matter to begin the process of star formation, though the universe had to continue to expand to be cool enough (~ 3000K) for the first atoms to form.

Galaxies come with other galaxies (ie clusters). These clusters have gravitational effects on one another. Somehow, because I don't study it, these clusters cause the string-like or web-like structures discovered.

This in no way conflicts with the current mainstream view of the BBT, or am I wrong?

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