How can I get raw star data (position etc)

Nov 6, 2019
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'm working on a large scale art project based on plotting the stars from certain locations at certain times

I want get that data then I want to manipulate the raw data that represents
- the location (in the night sky) of the star
- the apparent magnitude
- the actual distance

I wondered if there might have a repository or tool where I could get this data?

Could be a UI or a command line tool etc

Thanks a lot for your help
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vinaeco, I don't know if this helps but I use Stellarium 0.19.2 and Starry Night. The software allows you to change observing location and find astrometric data for various stars as well as print out charts of the sky view. Starry Night you can plot a H-R diagram too. Distances can be shown as well as stellar parallax (Stellarium does this). There is the SIMBAD portal that contains much astrometric data but is very detailed (by individual star reference and distances by stellar parallax values). SIMBAD The part of your question I do not know about - *manipulate the raw data*, not sure about the tools I just mentioned here if that will achieve your art project. I know in my stargazing log I maintain in MS ACCESS DB, I periodically print out information from these tools, place into MS Power Point slides for use and recall.
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FYI, there is another star chart tool I am aware of but do not use. SkySafari, I think it is chiefly aimed at Apple IOS users and devices. Starry Night works well on my Windows 10 desktop computer, so too Stellarium.

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