How is it possible with the FTL limit

Feb 18, 2020
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How is it possible for us, the solar system, to be as far away from the supposed center of creation (the big bang) before that light of that event reaches us without exceeding FTL?
1) In BBT, there is no center. It was an expansion event of space time, not an explosion of stuff into space.
2) The only light we can observe is the flood of light that was liberated when atoms formed, which happened around 380,000 years from t=0. This light is the CMBR and has redshifted into the microwave band.
3) This liberated light was throughout the universe. We are only seeing the light that has been traveling towards us from that moment, thus traveling our way for 13.8 billion years. FTL not required.
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Helio, I have to commend you on your usual concise, accurate summary

Cat :)
Thanks. It’s easier to exercise brevity when stuck using an iPad.

We traveled north from Texas to escape the freezing. ;). Visiting, post vaccination, our grandkids in Colorado. We first stopped to visit our daughter’s mother and grandmother who manage the International UFO Museum. It was fun seeing them and their unique museum. I’m not a UFO believer but I had to compliment them because their work forces one to think about issues that deserve attention.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Another point which I have made elsewhere:

Not only does it take enormous energy to approach FTL speeds, but you also have to slow down when you approach your destination. How do you carry the source of such energy?

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