How many moons in my shadow

Jan 15, 2021
I make up mathematical stories for my manuscript. Haven't published any thing.
Here is one such story.hide the moon in the shadow provided by the sun when the and moon are in straight line.
If you look down from above and look at the two meridian lines that travel out from the earth towards the moon they are 12742. Kms apart from each other. Now if the moon is 3474.8 kms wide then there is room for 3.6669 moons to be hidden in the shaded area.
Next freeze time and buzz a ray of light from the sun to the earth .set the angle so that the ray of light is 20 CMS of the ground when it fly's by then of to the moon. The angle is 0.482 degrees when the ray of light arrives at the moon freeze time again and look through camera. The ray of light is 3233.73 kms from the shaded meridian line that travels from the earth to the moon. Time distortion from 3233.73 kms = 52. Min 2 sec.
Hope you like my story.
The mathematics is true but the subject is story line.