How planet 9 looks like or how I flew in a dream to Nibiru when I was a child.

Jan 29, 2020

I see it in dream when I was a child. I grew up, became an artist and painted, and now I will tell this story. Now there are many hypotheses about a supermassive body at the edge of the solar system, which could explain the abnormal deviations of the orbits of small bodies, and everyone knows the story of the planet Nibiru by Zecharia Sitchin, but then I was 8 years old and I did not know about anything like that. I then watched cartoons on a black and white TV, good night kids. Well, I also had a children's astronomical atlas. There is no point in proving this, but I think it's worth telling.

Once in winter, in a severe frost, I was very cold and when I got home with the last of my strength, I began to feel fever. When I fell asleep, I began to have nightmares that I had been trying to forget for many years, not just remember and draw them. At first I dreamed of a flood, or rather what happened after the flood - an endless ocean under a leaden sky and the entire surface of the water is strewn with dead bodies of people. My sleep was not deep and I woke up every now and then falling into a semi-delirious state, where dreams mix with reality. At the same time, I was constantly bothered by something, I saw some vague images of the inevitable death of everything, but I did not understand how and why this should happen. I tried to understand with all my might, but only realized that it had something to do with space.

Once again plunging into sleep, I saw in dark space a huge, planet-sized, irregular asteroid. He created a very depressing impression. Recently I saw a visualization of what the Earth looks like without water - very similar. And I saw the Earth in the spring from a great height, it was a pity that all this should somehow disappear.

So I, from time to time regaining consciousness and turning off, ended up in some strange place, on another planet, maybe. There was a reddish light like at sunset, which came as if from within, because the sky seemed like something like a shell behind which there is only blackness. There was a lot of water, the reservoirs were wide but not deep, and in general it was not bad, but something still haunted me and crushed me like an overwhelming load. Then I felt like an Atlantean with a huge weight on my shoulders, grew up, grew to the sky and ended up in space. I do not know how I could determine this, but I was far from the Sun in pitch darkness and knew that something was coming from there to the Earth. At first I did not see anything at all, but then my eyes seemed to get used to it, and I began to distinguish some kind of red flicker. I was very close and saw that this is a colossal planet, the greatness of which cannot be conveyed in words, not painted with paints.

We are used to seeing planets either illuminated by the sun, or in different visualizations, but this planet was not illuminated by anything from the outside, and its own light could only be seen when very close. I, one might say, was in the orbit of this planet the size of a certain number of Earths, and was able to see its surface. In some places it was still not very clearly visible, because the whole planet was covered with some kind of muddy veil, but where there were gaps in these clouds, something incredible was seen - a crazy number of veins glowing red like coals, which branched out and crossed an uncountable number time. It is somewhat similar to night cities when viewed from space in terms of scale, but it looks more like volcanoes from the air at night.
I looked at this planet for no more than a couple of seconds and from this view it felt like I was having irreversible annihilation of the brain. Then I was pulled out of there along a narrow long spiral funnel and I found myself in the solar system. There I saw the sun, the planets, and something solemn was happening, like some kind of festive parade of planets, which acts like a pendulum and along with this a great event takes place. Everything became clear to me, I ended up in my room, ran there for a while, and then woke up and realized that I was not even able to get up. In general, after this I could well be congratulated on the successful completion of the space flight, if someone else saw it.

Many years later, when all these rental stories appeared that Nibiru was already here, I remembered this. At first, to be honest, I was a little scared, but then I thought that if what I saw was already here ... I just won't express myself.
And I only read Sitchin's books about Nibiru a year ago. I didn't want to read them on purpose in order to form my own unbiased opinion. I fantasized a lot, invented, but when I read my hair stood on end from the way he described this planet. Flickering red in the dark like an ocean, volcanoes that give the atmosphere and illuminate the sky ... In general, what I dreamed can be described as something between a terrestrial planet and a star. A brown dwarf to call this language does not turn, oh, these cosmologists, rather the kingdom of heaven. But is this dream true, and if so, what is the meaning of this wild mixture of cosmogonic visions - time will tell. So far I've just tried to paint it, although in comparison with how it looked, it turned out a little like. Painting Planet Nibiru, oil on canvas, 99x86 cm.
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Jan 29, 2020
Yes, of course, this cannot be taken as a fact or proof, but as a reason for reflection. What if the esoteric is actually an unexplored area of science and the human brain, like a radar, can scan any point in the space of time of quantum reality? Such a possibility can be denied only by proving the opposite. I'm not trying to prove to anyone that I saw Nibiru. I would like to prove it first of all for myself. My post can only motivate to seek answers to questions.
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May 25, 2021
Dreams, we all have them. Some good some bad. All of mine are good, meeting people Ive never seen before. They even had names I can remember. Strange how our brains come up with things like that. Ive had a few space dreams, mostly about comets.
Have any of you ever had dreams about flying?
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Jan 24, 2022
I looked at this planet for no more than a couple of seconds and from this view it felt like I was having irreversible annihilation of the brain. Then I was pulled out of there along a narrow long spiral funnel and I found myself in the solar system. There I saw the sun, the planets, and something solemn was happening, like some kind of festive parade of planets, which acts like a pendulum and along with this a great event takes place.
I had the same exact dream a couple nights ago. I remember floating in the solar system, watching a greenish planet. You described the atmosphere perfectly. I felt, as if, it were the end, it was solemn. It's crazy how dreams work.
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Sep 15, 2021
Sitchin is another Velikovsky, someone with sensational fantasies for teenagers who will buy millions of books and enrich the author overnight.

Others claim that it's messages from the Beyond received by a medium, like Brazilian Hercilio Maes, who said he was channeling a disembodied entity called Ramatis (the names of Rama and Sita, the Hindu mythological characters, meeting in the middle). In MENSAGENS DO ASTRAL, "messages from the astral plane", it was announced that a planet called Hercobulus was approaching and would arrive in 1982, straighten the Earth axis with its gravitational pull, cause geologic upheavals and take away most souls, who would reincarnate there, a world still in the Stone Age. A few elected would "inherit the Earth", as the Bible says.

In my youth I was foolish enough to read all of his books, about five of them, but then 1982 came and nothing happened. They keep selling the book, but now in a version with the passage that mentions the year of arrival eliminated.

Either such authors are impostors or they receive messages from demonic entities, according to whatever convictions you happen to have.

I, too, had a dream about a planetary catastrophe, in which it seemed like Mars would crash against the Earth, but then it moved on and our planet was saved. It's silly to think that those fantastic dreams are premonitory and that one must rush to warn all humankind about the coming disaster.

Nibiru is supposed to be inhabited by evil reptiloids who thousands of years ago came, enslaved us and made us work in the gold mines, and now either their planet is bringing them back, as it regularly does, or they're coming in hundreds of spaceships, or they're already here and kidnapping us to create an army of zombies.
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