Question How to broadcast digital data towards a specific star.

Apr 4, 2022
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Hi all. Has anyone here ever broadcast digital data towards a specific point in space before?

I'm working on a project, which will see a batch of data sent into space, directed towards a distant star.

Looking for some expert support with this, so if you have experience of this, then would love to know more!


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
marks, can we assume that you are already aware of all this?

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You need to define how narrow of a beam of radio waves you desire. The formula is:
Beam width in degrees = 70 x wavelength / dish diameter.
If you wanted a one degree beam at a one meter wavelength you would need a dish that is 70 meters in diameter.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Thank you for that most interesting piece of information.

Would that also mean that we need certain sizes of dish for different wavelengths? I am thinking about beam width sent, and how we would receive it.

Do you know what is intended by quantum communication? I am aware of this "action at a distance" stuff, but can't see how it could be used to communicate, and how we might expect to detect alien signals in this format?

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Yes, the smaller the wavelength the smaller the dish needed for a given beam width. Beam width is very important when sending a message to a point in space and trying to maximize the delivered energy.
And, yes, quantum entanglement allows for "spooky action" at a distance but there are prohibitions against it being able to deliver information. If you are at the far end and receive a quantum particle and measure its state, all you know is what the state of the other particle, back at the source, is. We have no control over those states when sending particles so we can't send information. This is about all I know about it, so if you disagree, then don't come back at me, go read up on quantum entanglement.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
That was not some kind of trick question. I greatly appreciate your knowledge, and appreciate your replies.

I do need to spend more time on quantum matters. You are completely right.

In my ignorance, my "best shot" is to compare the situation with "wormholes". One hypothetical, imaginary situation postulates that elementary particles might be able to pass through a totally imaginary "worm hole". From this totally imaginary, hypothetical situation, some would pass the USS Enterprise through one, on a regular basis.

My thought was that we might have the same type of "conclusion" here. What the action of one quantum might accomplish here, might result in teleporting live shows or presidential speeches to the masses, if we stretch our imaginations far enough.

That was all. I stress that the whole idea is imaginary, hypothetical and unreal, and open to personal interpretation - so there are no wrong answers.

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Yes, by using our imagination anything is possible.
But my reading of the subject says quite clearly that quantum entanglement does create spooky action at a distance but cannot be used to convey information.
Also, I am assured that while the wormhole is a solution to Einstein's equations it might be a "trivial" solution that does not have to exist in reality. Also, in order to make a wormhole you must go to the far end first and establish it there before you can use it. This it cannot be used to travel to the far end of the universe unless you've already been there.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
"quantum entanglement does create spooky action at a distance but cannot be used to convey information".
Thank you. I am very happy with that reply.

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For those who remember:
That rather does away with the Mekon's 3D televiewer.