Question If you teleport to the future, would the world be shifting all around you?

Aug 12, 2021
A perhaps easy(ish) way to think about what I am about to ask, would be this way:

Imagine a person, incredibly important throughout the world, as if he was the president of the planet. And this man decided to attend a conference about climate change in the future. Then imagine at the beginning, he talks to this very convincing scientist who manages to make him believe less about climate change and the actions he takes. Would this not perhaps, change the way the world is at that current state, due to the fact that if he decided to go back to the present at that moment, he may not take as much action on global warming as he would of. This would mean that while he is in the future, talking to different people, the world around him would be constantly changing, perhaps it would be getting hotter and colder, perhaps even the building would be looking different constantly due to ways to make it suit its climate more. This would mean stuff around the person would be disappearing, changing, shape-shifting, and new stuff being added all the time in live motion as you speak (not in a literal sense).

My question today is, is this correct, and are there perhaps any other theories about time-travel in this sort of manner?

Of course, there are laws such as the conservation of mass, but I don't see a way around this.


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Travelling into the future 'out of nothing' has the problem of reassembling your molecules without occupying matter which is already there, not to mention restoring consciousness. Effectively the same problem as travelling through worm holes. Now, I guess, there are no 'grandmother' paradoxes there.

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Jul 27, 2021
'Time travel machine' could be a spaceship, travelling near to light speed somewhere and going back to Earth at conference time.
Options (including worm holes) of technologically unreachable theoretical, mathematical studies.
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