Infinitely, absolutely, dense mass . . . at once infinitely, absolutely, deep Abyss . . . does exist!

Infinitely, absolutely, dense mass . . . at once infinitely, absolutely, deep hole and vacuum, does exist!

It exists as the indiscrete what, where, and how of Infinite MULTIVERSE (multi-dimensional / omni-dimensional) Universe set of all universes within and beyond the singular Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (cc (/\)) (T=0(1), t=0(1)) Horizon set of all universe horizons.

It exists as the closed systematic place Einstein went to when he took his mind's eye trip to the closed systematic [in-turning upon itself vortex] of the speed of light.

It exists as Hawking's Cosmic All "Grand Central Station" (with its GCS centered frozen time clock (t=0(1)) of the GSBF string-ring-Horizon set of all 'SPACE' ("fractal zoom universe" hyper surface hyperspace levels) and the EWF magnetic monopole (eternal dipole moment) 0-point-singularity set of all 'Time' (hyper-time, including hyper-time traveling).

It exists as Complexity Science's, and Chaos Theory's, smooth featurelessness (including temperature's (T=0(1)) to their equal but opposite chunky graininess in eternal parallel process.

It exists as the turnover to, the turning of the clock wheels to, the ever circlings or cyclings to, the return in entropy always to the 'Wild' frontier (in the eternal collapse of complexity's always paralleling, equally eternal, buildup).

Altogether an infinitely, absolutely, dense mass . . . at once infinitely, absolutely, deep vacuum hole existing in, as, and from parallel universe(s): Hyper surface hyperspace levels: Hyper time existence, including hyper-time travelers and traveling), An equal and opposite open, always opening, system always existing in parallel to a closed, always closing, system. Infinities of SPACE and TIME universes that overlay and in lay, to an infinite mass density (to an infinitely deep Abyss)!

To be continued..., maybe.
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