Invisibility Cloak

Has any seen the reports on those Russian Invisibility Cloaks? This might employ some of those EM blocking materials that I have referenced before. I kinda expected to see a "deep black hole" thru IR sensing for blocking all EM. But evidently the cloak temp blends in with background. Or close to it. Great.

I bet it's a warm cloak. It appears to look like one of those foil survival blankets. Just not very shiny.

Imagine a bundled snow cloak in the Arctic. The only heat loss would be thru breath. One would have to modulate the cloak with current to keep from overheating.
From reading the popular press, this cloak has 3 layers. An internal layer of Mylar to reflect body heat back to the body, an insulating layer to keep the outer layer cool, and an outer layer of Mylar to reflect ambient heat signature back to the enemy. Being a simple reflection of what is around it, it is invisible. Much of the details involve masking of the escaping breath and evaporating moisture plume. Simple versions, only a "space blanket" type single layer of Mylar have been used for many years by many forces.
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I bought a Fluke infra red viewer when I went back into the papermill to fill in for COVID worker shortages. From my vantage point on the dry end I could see the patterns of the drying section as it wrapped up on the reel. I let those in charge know when sudden changes occurred. It was very helpful in many areas of the process.
We use to scan plant electrical distribution systems and MCC rooms/panels. It's surprising how much resistance can be found with a proper appearance, but bad electrical connections. This was back when they first come out and very expensive. But I think it paid for itself upon first use.
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