Is it possible for us to discover habitable planets close to us?

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Sep 5, 2021
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Even if we have such closer planet, it's still pretty impossible a person to fly in the real deep space. Let us get to Mars first, build a city who will try to live permanently there and then we can focus onto something out of our solar system. As long as we know, the first planets who are out of the solar system, aren't that suitable to live on, but the objects are interesting. The second thing is, where are the other Sun's to make it suitable. Thank God we are here, because our system is at least suitable due to the big mass of the sun who can support life. We have a lot to learn what's coming after we get out of our system. If we can find something who can be useful to transform the planet into suitable one, that would be great, but until then we start here and try to reach Mars.
Sep 24, 2021
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That will be possible only after years and years. We have to have technology that will allow us to travel through space with light speed (or something near it). Otherwise it's just a SCI-FI plot :)

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