It isn't that it came from a point....

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(My take on the TOE)
(My take on the GUT)

It isn't that it came from a point,
It is that it reduces to a point,
It comes from a point.
Always reduces to a point.
Always comes from a point.
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The gravitational force (ultimately the gravitational, including quantum gravitational, strong binding force as well) is outside-in based (including deepest inside-out infinities which is itself outside-out (altogether self-opposed and opposing Horizon)), infinities based, string-ring-Horizon and horizons based. It is not singularity based, I've realized, since singularity itself is magnetic monopole (moment) singularity, a 0-point (portal) electroweak force entity not a string-ring-horizon gravitational (quantum gravitational) strong binding force entity. Two, the GSBF and EWF entities operate together symbiotically or neither could exist, and the universe, and universes, would not exist because it/they could not exist.

To be continued elsewhere....