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It's not really a question, but a factual statement.

Apr 25, 2020
Like so many others that have kept up with the times . I feel that many forgot about the Challenger spaceshuttle . Many elementary students tuned in also many adults. Right after that I began working on actual Spaceship a hybrid using an internal engine producing a million pounds of thrust and a single stage system, mind you the word hybrid means a 2nd system . Looking back I looked to events one in early days and the second in modern times , the bell X15 and Sir Richard Branson spaceship 1 , the both used an aircraft to take them to extreme heights before been released to continue on their journey. I for one decided to turn it into one using what we have today...I would appreciate questions asked ..this only part one . I will explain more in greater detail when some decisions are made from the community on this site. Everything is factual and works
Apr 25, 2020
I hope others really pay attention.. this is all based on facts and thorough research. All because of one single moment . And that moment sealed a passion for the future of space travel. Read my first part and use your imagination. Thanks
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Dec 11, 2019
It's Lasers, and you can view a 1 cylinder at work . Via YouTube Liek Myrabo Lightcraft. Also take a look at ordinance buster Top gear it relevant to this venture
That sounds very interesting. I will tale a look at it on YouTube. Anything is better then the prehistoric rocket ships they use now. I am sure the hidden governments have more then what we know about but the regular mainstream rocket ships are a joke. So I am glad somebody is trying something different.
Feb 1, 2020
Lightcraft. Yes, they do work. However the lift mass is quite low at present. No greater than a gram just now. Also, most of the thrust comes from expansion of atmosphere below the focus cone on the lightcraft. They generally spin quite rapidly too. That's for stability.
It would be great if you could scale one up to the size of say a DC3. That would be better than any existing rocket.
But the difference between a gram and twenty tons is rather a lot.
So SpaceX stock is still safe.
Off planet they are basically just a specialized solar sail. Those also work.



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