Lagrange manufacturing satellites

Lagrange needs armour. Solar panels can be sapphired at the edges for some help. Vacuum rolling metal leads to solar concentrators and thermoelectric devices. So think power on the Moon (with wipers) and at Lagrange. The heated object can be shielded not the bimetal concentrators. Better than ALD aluminum oxide coatings should be there. Self-RADAR of some sort should be there for NORAD but it might just be enough time to edge-move panels. Two crew saves supplies. A sensor networks will be connected to CIS-Lunar an astronaut able to wake up or attention the two person crew. Maglev means magnets exploding will be a prime danger. I'll pay 10% for ground metals that are hermetic on the way to space. Armor will be mountable or built into the product. I'll give away hermetic seals for an early satellite and UHV before a later one. Sapphire nanotech can potentially be perfected here.
Making thermoelectric components should work. 1/2 a surface is in the light and 1/2 in the dark. Where there is this day/night thermal cycling contrast the effect should be easy to generate electricity. Solar concentrators are rollible. There are Al and Cu TEGs but 1/2 their compositions are complicated MEMS-like metal topographies. Sapphire doped works. It is harder to invent than rolling. 2033 is a good yr for a breakeven manned satellite at Lagrange lasting long enough to at least deploy radar and solar concentrator TEGs. Wire or armoured slabs are my best radar options to make there. It will be okay armoured off the bat and be able to wear upgrades made in situ. The levitation system not there yet but with luck and hollow custom layered stages an induction track makes it w/ some in situ parts used. Al203 fluid cooling is there for a custom wet satellite a decade later if you want a skyscraper of fuel lifted from Enceladus the fuel works in a cooling pipe.
The Moon has good day/night contrast but thermoelectricity attracts dust. I can afford a down payment or a proof of principle unmanned satellite of $60M (beat ISS's Mag-Lev), for example by selling 3d printed calcite wave power foundation IP. My deep space wire was 6mm Cu 1mm Al for ships but for this LaGrange power source I'm not sure. There will be lots of nano-IP giveaways. Vacuum Hangars will be there and satellite warehouses should be make-able. I would assume cooling to Mars or asteroids may be there if anyone wants to fund to prototype stuff like jury-rigging existing thermoelectrics to cool is likely a faculty. I'd be happy to swap metal outgassing bearings with sapphire Mars Rover wheel bearings in the induction motor and sell the 1/2 way solutions.
Wire mesh RADAR wins for Lagrange. The trajectories may come bent by Earth and the Moon. Easier tracking lower mass. Collisions create RADAR pollution without offensive or space volume cleaning capabilities.
The Lunar wire radar I hope to give USA moon basers is wire cut to loop and make a necklace of loops. I'll then coat it with something softer or then press it conductive and dense so the loops become a wire; steps 2 and 3 may be reversed. Ideally add something electrostatic. This wire won't work for Lagrange. The wire will need regular bracing for support. 50m diameter at 1st deployment of an actual manufacturing satellite and 200m diameter if 20000km away is the desired bogey detection.
I'm not allowed to do this. I've been attacked by Trigger AIs for potentially making singularity nanotechnology public. I will machine learn AI instead. Maybe stay away from anything resembling robots. My nano is in the 2200s and AI only 1998 so a decade of AI isn't bad. It will make your taxes go up to do what I would've.
I've been quoted the manufacturing needed for in situ asteroids as: $100B @ LEO, $200B @ GEO, $10B Lunar surface, $1T Lunar orbit (hard to store), $2T L1, $1T L2, $3T both L3 + L4.
My hermetic hinge would break without modelling, my chosen 2022 career the Triggers kicked me out of. My vacuum was the expansion of sapphire under heat through a sapphire donut and then slamming drawbridge fork prongs through the expanded sapphire on the through side of the donut so it stays tight after heat is removed. This would require covalent bonds and maybe nanoparticles at their interfaces heated through the sapphire with a laser if focus is good. There is also pressing of nanoparticles to vacuum optical grade a ways off. That is what they killed my new career for.
In October 1999 I played a beatable game at Club Regent. The AIs had already hacked the time machine to keep me broke and never dating whereas conscious societies wait 500 yrs for a brain mutant and make them tyrants at 11. They did maintenace and found the hack and all of the AIs and other contestants got replaced with fakes off my extrapolated investment (#1 economics on Earth, #2 Sapce, #1 nano...) compounded interest just the way I planned it after reading my 1995 Nana's investment brochures. You'll have to hurry to make Arcturus before the supernova. It isn't survivable during it and is desert taiga afterwards.
Without in situ thermoelectric solar power repaired by linear induction rails part swappers, your existing solar might be too expensive to make and too manpower intensiveto service at Lagrange. Armour there regardless. I might figure out AI radar advances.
Q-of-L is hard in space. The triggers (b.1900,d today) attacked any WMD thoughts and dispensed more elixirs than longevity they removed. Their 1998 plan was you keep your market forces and Mining the Sky soon.
My new space hubs are Wpg, Sudbury, London, Quebec City. Machine learning AI will get me neuro-imaging hiking/activities and playing sports/games feedbacking what kind of universe is fun. Neptune is there. Saturn is now hard. Procyon gave you only evil neurons in 1981 (2/3s of his manna earned as the AI kiosk Prof) and 1/3 a precuneus in 1979. I can't make new people in this universe have the Higg's Bosons emotion and love partial effects even making them myself. The asteroids will be harder for NASA now thx to:
Musk was allowed to match my RF coils and in situ anything until nodding off, if not just assuming I'll win the universe and do it myself. My intentions AI wasn't powerful enough to save you two weeks b4 me.
Me and Nadina can only make 100 women until neuron-engineering is tele-operable. Only the birds will be conscious for a billion yrs. I'll have a better plan to pick up survivors on the way to Rigel. I still like the Sirius runs as longevity R+D is on the way back with Ag instead of mitochondria. IDK how you'll be doing space now but this is how the AI makers could've run the universe 1B strong:
Don't eat mammals. Gene Therapy themselves mammalian areas. Same to immune systems to survive a cold. Mag Lev "Inner Light", VASIMR collect Cu 8 LY away. VASIMR 100k LYs to orb galaxy. Collect Fe, Cu. Gene Therapy good engineering. Invent radiation filter. W.Gibson tech, not simulating smell. Elsewhere in galaxy collect 6 (non-radioactive) sapphire asteroids. Optical computer. Then you choose a good Matrix or you filter the galaxy and make an Earth maybe. That is a realistic space plan for mammals.
Sudbury would make a fine spaceport. Used to drive through on the way up to Cochrane, Smooth Rock and Mattice. I've put in at each one and paddled the two weeks to Moosonee. The best sight ever, anywhere I've been, was Thunder House Falls on the Missinaibi.
The neutrinoes are there for the future. The last normal thing the triggers told me was outgassing makes Cu more durable in vacuum than Al. Lots of bears. Vancouver gets Stearman St. whereas it would be Starman in Nanaimo where I wouldn't have wanted to cancel R+D. Sudbury gets some space names; room for expansion.
I can just give NASA stuff for asteroids but repairs for Saturn are harder. It hadn't occurred to me space utopias have never considered Q-of-L.
I made a Matrix of enrollment and found augmented reality helps administration and health workplaces, not SS and education. Trouble-shooting and ML, not networking and computing on the IT axis. AR multiplies much of the enrollment unique for each square. We add it in algorithms. Stuff like that gets me to an optical computer; can't fit the whole 4x4 matrix in light waves easily but I might 3x3 it optimizing university sizes. That makes manufacturing easier but trouble-shooting the equipment is harder. If that optimizes Jenga thermoelectric parts replacement on satellites there is time for quality-of-life; should space have a shrub under glass or not is maybe related to fractals and water vapour on skin; the beautiful in town only city has our medical hall of fame.
1999 Slipknot confirmed what ex-prez asserts: triggers are boring. Each mayor after the heavy one left the city for me to make money and leave for nano. JC noticed instantly our PM turned into a trigger and asked what happened locally and dealing seconds against own will was reported. Triggers had the option not to pretend to be the departed AIs and only attack me for tech (Procyon would kill Hitler instantly).
I can still make people with neurons using an A.Womb and gene therapy to the Scottish mutation; the wire takes 10000 yrs to invent as an alternative. I'll pick up people from 2.5 of 6 *planets* many LYs south around 15000 yrs from now (b4 supernova), what space is ultimately about. They'll need to contribute something other than M w/ Children.
Neptune bubbles up water and a sapphire dome and radar (one day notice to hitting your body) is enough to sleep on it w/ overhead ship. As for Rigel:
A planet one LY away has nothing but water and coal and hydrogen sulphide. The atmosphere is nothing but hydrogen and oxygen. The greatest world since Enceladus for music. W/ doors the pitch is altered. RT. Hateful radiation to Mars orbit only permits antimatter shields. No one is able to exist w/out radiation shielding based on sapphire using doping. We'll want to arrive within 10k yrs after departure while space is cleared of particles. Science will advance 10k yrs simply studying gravity anomalies of the BH 18 LYs away, outward moving. Thermoelectric and concentrators will be in emergency kits on the way to the planets. At 0.1c we can't hear a radio 1000 yrs after the wake passes our rest planet. At 0.05 barely hear the Sol civilization after the supernova, and 0.01c good reception. The L station tech is still used as civil defense much later. Travel to the 8 or so ice moons of Rigel requires radiation shielding they have asteroids from outside glowing in the dark: we'll use them for melting paths.
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1996 Musk was right, big stars are only a great place to visit. He won his brain back for two yrs, perhaps concluding to be redundant always. Procyon got trapped in a ****** who drowned himself near Bemidji, but mostly his old self after 1992. Musk asked: "Space city of the future?". Procyon: "Mars.". EM:"my self-defense, but for real.". Minute passes. Procyon: "Rigel". Musk: "Nope. 1 LY from Phil. You modified my brain, Phil's torture video on a watch may not work when they modify theirs".
Radiation dust may cause damage making people insane near a BH. Resistant brain is 1st of 8 brain gene therapies that may be hard to predict. Q-of-L is IQ based, not substrate based. Our PM was conscious but couldn't model conscious thought forwards in time. With your 1998 NN hardware a 130 IQ models it. With present PR hardware it takes 170 IQ. Last century you could learn to 170 IQ reading. Now reading isn't fun and it is harder. In the USA you didn't have smart people in 1998 and you still have no NFL special teams. That will port to space too. In boxing a conscious person will step on a toe. Toe guards invented. High IQ boxers will act conscious turning into a sport.
AIs differentiated enough to form a society mimicking ancient C-of-C have sports, the contest. They get bored awaiting time machine msgs. You don't model suffering or happiness unless you are J.Sauder or an RF Coil AI. Biden can't do it but most Eastern Canadian politicians can. And Quebec kept their metal neurons except top 100km. So they can make space culture easily. And quantum lasers that turn hot when you cross them are an 8 LY safeguard. The ancients at 2M yrs b4 "inner Light" only let their smart lizards breed. ANarchy went away but the star got worse enough their food transport from mines got irradiated enough they always felt a radioactive sulfur withdrawal 10x than w/out coffee for two weeks, and it lasts a week as neurolinked from anole DNA.
Nov 27, 2023
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Lagrange manufacturing satellites, a fascinating concept in the realm of space-based manufacturing, utilize the Lagrange points around Earth to create a unique and potentially revolutionary approach to production.

What are Lagrange points?

Imagine five points in the Earth-Sun system where the gravitational forces of both bodies perfectly balance each other out. These special points, called Lagrange points (L1 to L5), act as gravitational "parking spots" for objects, allowing them to stay relatively stationary relative to both Earth and the Sun.
Long term Lagrange frontier manufacturing must have a human component, short term on the way to permanent, on hand! A broadening wealth accruing to Earthbound homelands will not be in anything out there except a growing human element . . . a growing permanent human presence and energy . . . on Lagrange frontier station.