local rock for outer gas giant architecture themes.

The interior of a space station or ship should have a good design. We use metal out of necessity. Lights and instruments will improve. Foam will be safe but boring. Streams of water and small plants will be there. Since instrumentation may be gemstones and new crystals, a soft complementary might be to go for 1/4 stone.
Stones can be 3d printed with clay as a binder. We can find quarries on the Moons of the outer GGs. The highest value of rock printing appears space or radiation related, but not valuable enough to move between outer planets. The nitrogen on Triton will mitigate some organic poisons that Enceladus will have, any quarries more likely lower toxicity. We can theme the Moons by planet. Neptune can be undersea. Art Nouveau is safe. Space googie and modern streamline hasn't been done. Exotic geometries stronger than JFK airport aren't done much. The Art Deco brand airport cafes but different theme I'm suggesting.
Hollow stones, biocompatible stones, clay powder, mica-like sheets clipped together, hydroponic stones, wire backed stone sheets...all can be 3D printed in space.
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Aug 2, 2023
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Hello, 3D printing technology could use stone or rock-based materials, possibly mixed with other binders like clay, to create different structural elements, furniture, or decorative items. This could also include hollow or biocompatible stones, sheets, or hydroponic components for plant growth. Theming different sections or modules of the station after different moons or planets could also add variety and interest to the design. Different architectural styles, like Art Nouveau, Space Age Googie, Modern Streamline, or Art Deco, can offer unique aesthetics and functionality. However, all these ideas need to be balanced with the crucial factors of safety, utility, sustainability, and the psychological well-being of the crew members. The practicality and economic viability of quarrying and transporting materials from outer moons would also need thorough examination.

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