location for BeO lattice and PB particles R+D?

I've found a dozen nanoparticles types and lattices that should be suitable for making products using mechanical equipment. My scheme is to diffuse it to 6 provinces and 2 States. Pb nanoparticles are maybe better developed somewhere else in the USA. And Beryllium Oxide as a lattice definitely doesn't belong in Canada. It has electrical space applications being radiation resistant. More importantly it may be a crucible for a space mine. It is very toxic.
Among the locations to research these, I'm wondering if the ISS, Lunar Gateway, or the Moon's surface would be good locations for a thimble crucible and new space wire system testing?
Titanium nanoparticles were like the above during Blackbird and may be in the future. This is an issue NASA will come to for VASIMR.
...I suppose BeO sticks or casings can be clipped on to a giant wire and insulation afterwards. I see apparatus making thin slabs of BeO in a lattice like dermis tissue layers, and equipment able to deposit 10 Pb nanoparticles at a time, as okay to export. A BeO mine crucible would not wear as many impurities in the melt substrate.
The only other questionable substance is drugs. Disease treatment stockpiles may need nutraceuticals as precursor so sticking the food hub near the virology lab looks forced. A dedicated electrical system satellite is a possibility trying out equipment and E.E. systems containing BeO. A BeO thimble at ISS is maybe the limit of air quality safety.


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