Looking Behind the Curtain of General Relativity

Using computers and numerical methods we can calculate the motions of planets using the equations of Newton, Copernicus and others. Different groups could use different methods and they would all pretty much get the same results.

The problem with those results is that they did not exactly match what was observed. These discrepancies were proof that Newton and the others had missed something.

Einstein, Lorentz, and others laid the foundation for a new theory. Lorentz contraction and time dilation seemed to be basic properties of this new physics. The equations describing these effects were also straight forward. Given the same variables everyone got the same results and those results matched what was observed in the experiments.

Then Einstein conjures up General Relativity and everything goes off the rails. Newtonian physics could make very accurate predictions which could be computerized. Because the Newtonian predictions were both precise and free of human bias everyone basically got the same results which did not completely match what was observed.

General Relativity cannot be run on a computer. It is not an equation. If four people try to produce an answer (without knowing the correct answer beforehand) using GR they will get 4 different answers. GR is more of a recipe than an equation. The difficulty factor and the fact that many of the variables are produced by the person doing the calculation makes GR an intellectual maze.

Newton’s equations will produce precise answers. That precise answer can be compared to what is observed. With General Relativity precise answers are not available even with a computer (except for things like black holes where most of the variables become singularities or zeroes).

If there are local phenomena that violate GR how would we know? General Relativity doesn’t recognize the possibility of the Galactic Velocity Curves. But we are told that GR holds up locally.

If GR is incapable of making a precise and repeatable prediction for everyone that uses it, what good is it? The “fuzziness” of GR makes it worse than useless since unique phenomena can be buried by reporting that they are explained by GR.

Newton’s theories failed because they produced precise predictions that could be checked. General Relativity is not precise (as formulated) so that it never fails. Produce a GR computer program that gives everyone the same prediction for the same variables, or acknowledge that GR is (at a minimum) incomplete.
Relativity is just taking known scientific observations and producing simple equations which describe those observations. It does contain some theoretical analogies.

General Relativity is an attempt to explain the origin of gravity using the Einstein Field Equations. Einstein’s train of thought was brilliant and showed great intuition. Einstein’s reach was greater than his grasp. He was too early and was missing critical information about the nature of time, without which, all solutions fail.

E=mc2 can be calculated by a bright 10-year-old. The Einstein Field Equations have only been solved by some of the brightest minds on this planet for a limited number of conditions. See Wikipedia for Einstein Field Equations.

E=mc2 also defines matter’s relationship with time. Which is an excellent transition to my next point.
Who Uses General Relativity?

The Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL) uses a 4 or 5 term polynomial to correct for planetary orbital predictions produced by Newtonian physics. These were developed by iteration and curve fitting not GR.

We are told that the clocks and the positions of GPS satellites use GR to generate the velocity and gravitational fields corrections. The International GNSS Service (IGS) has a proprietary model which generates the correction factors for these satellites. It is also based on pragmatism and what actually works. The IGS corrections also suppresses a violation of Relativity. Again, GR is not used.

The only time I see GR actually used is when some phenomena threatens GR.

Knowledge is power. International GNSS Service (IGS) is suppressing a violation of relativity discovered in the oil fields of Texas in the 1930’s. Many people underestimate the technological capabilities that oil money controls. Oil company gravimeters at that time could measure accelerations of 1e-8 meters or better.

The biggest problem for using these gravimeters was to correct for the effects of tides. These gravimeters were used for hunting oil and detecting ore bodies. There was a huge financial incentive to create a model that would allow you to correct for these tidal effects. Investments in mathematical models like these made them proprietary, and through corruption, State Secrets.

They corrected for the Earth-Moon tide and they corrected for the Earth-Sun tide. This is not easy since the Moon-Earth predictions border on chaotic. They were left with one last correction but it was not a tidal effect. The public nomenclature is “earth-tide” which is high around 6:00am and low around 6:00 pm. Foreign scientists dealing with this phenomenon have been sceptical of the American-English insistence that it was an atmospheric phenomena, since the instruments were compensated for atmospheric effects. Why would the Americans lie? The Americans were paying the bills, and their salaries, so they shut up.

This “earth-tide” was a strange beast. Instead of being stronger on the equator it was strongest where the Earth intersected with the elliptical plane. In fact, it had two poles that bracketed the Earth at right angles to the Sun. Odder still was the effect of this tide on clocks. As the Earth’s rotation spun clocks nearer to these poles, they would either slow down or speed up.

Oil men are altruistic individuals driven only by scientific curiosity so they kept these temporal anomalies secret.

General Relativity never mentioned the existence of an inertial field.
Hmmm… does anybody out there have a telescope that can match the space tracking capabilities of circa 1960’s technology?

If you can accurately track a satellite (3D, multiple sites, geostationary might wiggle) before and during its entry into one these poles you should see both velocity changes and path deviation (perturbations). Papers from the 50’s and 60’s raised concerns about the density of these measurements on early satellites. The International GNSS Service (IGS) will normally only give out averaged orbital parameters for a satellite. The International GNSS Service (IGS) ground stations have the data but they likely encrypt or reformat (convert it to harmonics) before letting even their personnel see it. (People who have to keep secrets also want to be paid more.)

If I am wrong then no one out there should feel threatened. If I am right, I don’t want anybody to get hurt. If you work for the government, do not approach your boss. Do not contact any of these agencies or their personnel. Pretend that you are revolutionary cell, making these satellite measurements to overthrow the government. Pretend hard.
Relativity with a cause.
Quantum fluctuations grid for a better word has time for distance.
Going faster is personal less time or less quantum fluctuation.
A gravity well is compression of quantum fluctuation, less or compressed space/time.
Self regulated and no real relativity other than compression of space/quantum fluctuation.
Relativity math based on wrong math so sure to be wrong.
It sort of works but not for black holes or light speed law or traveling at C or the quantum world.
Right idea, wrong cause.
The Empire twisted Einstein’s context for General Relativity. While GR’s math is still squirrely and largely useless the verbal context of General Relativity appears to come closer to the real properties of spacetime.

dfjchem721 Came up with this Einstein Quote about Aether.

Albert Einstein in 1920: "We may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an Aether. According to the general theory of relativity space without Aether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this Aether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it.

My personal interpretation of spacetime has time flowing to a mass, gravity as the result of the gradient created by this time flow, and kinetic energy as the displacement of time. These definitions of spacetime would certainly qualify as “The idea of motion may not be applied to it”.

The Empire understood where Einstein’s theories were leading by 1920. The Empire got there first and changed the signposts to steer public physics in the wrong direction. Einstein’s GR triggered the Empire’s conspiracy to control higher physics. I was seeing some odd coverups of physics related to clocks and gravity in the 1920’s and 1930’s but I couldn’t understand how the Empire knew what to cover up that early.

The Empire understood all too well where Einstein’s theories would lead. Einstein’s vision was intentionally sabotaged and misquoted by the Empire. The Empire replaced Einstein’s treasure map with a map that leads to nothing.

The Empire was already planning/developing the atom bomb before Einstein wrote his famous letter to the President in 1939.
The elliptical plane is tilted about 60 degrees to the axis of the Suns motion.

I took the Empire at its word about the angle (60 degrees) between the ecliptic plane and the Sun’s axis of motion. It appears that the ecliptic plane is actually about 90 degrees from the axis of the Sun’s motion.

A phenomenon in astronomy called stellar aberration was discovered over 200 years ago. The Sun’s actual axis of motion would have landed right in the middle of this “aberration” phenomenon. The Empire moved the Sun’s galactic motion by about 30 degrees to hide the cause and effect of the aberration.

Stellar aberration is a classic use of GR to hide something that is not at all related to GR.

The Sun’s inertial field has its greatest temporal/optical distortion nearest the axis of motion very near the Northern ecliptic pole. The Earth is one astronomical unit from the Sun. The Earth is looking up through the edge of the Suns inertial/temporal “lens”. As the Earth rotates around the edge of the Sun’s Inertial Lens the image of the star is deflected in a different direction.

The velocity of the Earth has no tangible effect on the visible position of the star. The Empire rotated the reference elements of the equation (by 90 degrees) from the Earth’s position to its velocity to still further confuse the issue. Take the Earth’s position versus the stellar aberration and you can map the physical dimensions of a theoretical lens matching the optical properties of the Sun’s inertial Lens.

The Sun’s inertial Lens appears to be tilted by about 6 degrees so that would also explain the side to side movement of the stars at right angles to the ecliptic. Each inertial pole (leading and trailing) of the Sun generates its own lensing effect.

Stellar aberration has been known for over 200 years. Stellar aberration is likely the reason that the Empire’s scientific eunuchs knew by the late 1930’s that the mathematically delusional GR would make the perfect camouflage for their program of secret gravitational/inertial physics.