Mercury's Ecstatic Movement

I believe they use a lot of time lapse for sun animations. Some of the ejection animations have to be. Some animations show streams of matter out many just a ms or so. I can understand the super high Vs the ejection mass has, but not that fast at that distance. It would be a quick trip to earth. And at that speed, probably blow our fields away.

It's sorta like the orbit of that Parker probe. Even though it is the closest we've got, and the most stress, the orbit is not close. If you proportioned that orbit with an earth orbit, it's several radii of earth distance. Sun animations/demonstrations can be misleading. It's so damn big. Don't pay any attention to these astronomy guys........this sucker is huge. It's the largest object we'll ever deal with.

What I would like to see is the invisible charge density around the star. I think this can bend starlight that crosses it. Lens the invisible charge radius, and focus behind the star.

I would at least, look for it. The density gradient of a sugar water solution, can bend the white light of a flashlight. It doesn't bounce it, it bows it. White light.

Could there be an invisible density gradient surrounding the sun?
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