Merseyside UFO 1971

Nov 24, 2022
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Before I went into the Forces, I was a trainee miller at Spillers on Wallasey Docks. Around January/February 1971 I was on night shift on the first floor working with the shift boss. It was approx 0100 - 0200. One of the lads came down and said that they had seen a strange light hovering in Liverpool Bay. We all went up on the roof (quite high) and there was an orange 'fuzzy' ball of indeterminate size or range hovering over the mouth of the Mersey. The lads said it had been there 5 mins. We all stood there watching it for another 10 mins and suddenly it shot off at extremely high speed and positioned itself over the River Dee. It sat there for exactly 15 minutes then suddenly shot up into the sky and vanished in about a second. It was most definitely not a natural phenomenon and was 'controlled'.

Our shift boss told us he was going to ring the Liverpool Echo about it. When he did they said yes, we have had hundreds a reports from all over the coastline. Indeed it was published in the next nights edition. Sometime earlier, probably a few years, there was a fast spreading story about an orangey ball floating over a pedestrian Bridge by the Windmill on Bidston Hill Birkenhead.

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