Moon rock questions

Feb 23, 2021
I had some questions about Apollo moon rocks.

1) I see some samples, but not all, with a flat side and a milky white paint. Are they painted or is that from the slurry created by the wet cutting process? Why were the more gray rocks sectioned?

2) NASA claims pretty tight control of moon rocks that were sent out to other countries and the like, but there seems to be larger samples sent out to dignitaries? Just curious if there are pictures or lists of larger moon rocks and where they went. I know of the small pebbles sent to countries as gifts.

My questions comes mainly due to curiosity about the lady who had a larger sample, sent it to NASA for analysis, and it was never sent back to get, generating a court case and lawsuit.

If there were larger samples in private hands, this goes against NASAs assertion of only 200 gifts of small pebbles.

Thanks for any info or resources!

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