Most up-to-date documentary series on the Universe/Space?

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Please suggest any, as all the documentaries I have are from the 90s or 70s; I want to know if there has been any good series from this decade?


Of course, there's PBS's NOVA.

The History Channel's Universe series also seems to be pretty good, unlike most of the crap they broadcast.


I like the series 'Naked Science' I believe its on NatGeo


falkor":qfya328m said:
Please suggest any, as all the documentaries I have are from the 90s or 70s; I want to know if there has been any good series from this decade?

The good news is there is an entire thread dedicated to this here, and the majority have dates on them and a write-up of what they are about.

The bad news is as follows:

* Good documentaries are few and far between

* Documentaries are focused at a viewing age of about 15

* Once you have seen a few good ones you’ve just about seen them all.

* Documentaries are just introductory in nature, they usually always cover the same things and use nauseating amounts of special effects and dramatise them so much they end up boring you.

If you have seen a few documentaries and looking to quench your thirst for knowledge, try some of the lectures, they are more current, more in depth, more accurate, have less boring special effects, and leave a much better taste in your mouth.

If you still can’t find what you need, I would suggest looking at some commercial products (which will cost money coincidently) like the following ... x?cid=1810 ... x?cid=1830


Currently , IMO, there are no good documentaries except NOVA, regarding space and physics. I agree with BoJangles
that documentaries produced today are at the 6th grade levels, and the amount of time and money spent on amazing graphics supercede any intellectual forethought or scientific data. NatGeo and History are both good at getting some of the brightest from JPL and NASA, and then ask them stupid questions like, " what is your favorite planet". Might as well ask, " what's your favorite color" On top of that, shows produced by them always mis-inform, and mis-interpret such profound things such as relativity. Matter of fact, I would go so far as to say that shows produced by these channels
are actually better suited to mis-lead the public as to inform them ( just like the liberal media). Unfortuneately we all know the kind of people who pervade Hollywood, most of them live in "lala land" and have no concept of the physical realities of the world we live. The advertising dollar is the bottom line.

Case in point. Just last week, one of those, NatGeo or History, just did a Bio/Doc on Isaac Newton. They were more interested in showing his interest in Bible Codes and trying to "DRAMATIZE" his life than to show his true genius, the birth of modern physics. All one has to do is read about his life and his accomplishments and the true drama of his life would be revealed. The fact that he was anti-establisment and walked away from the scientific community, or his early childhood and the death of his parents are drama enough.

You are much better off reading a book, taking a class in college, or going to a lecture. Find a local astronomy club,
and attend some of the meetings. Quite oft they will have marvelous speakers giving lectures on various topics. And the best thing is, they are motivated by truth..................................Al

"Don't believe anything you hear, and only half of what you see..." my grandpa


Don't think there's any doubt about the lack of real information in science shows. I enjoyed the earlier shows of "The Universe" just for information purposes, if nothing else. It's no Cosmos. However, these later versions are more for 2 year olds. Astronomers taking 5 minuets to explain that if 2 equal cars are separated, the car lights which are farther from you are dimmer..gee, it only took me 4 months of life to figure that out.

Anyway, Naked Science is ok, but I get tired of them repeating every discovery 10X per episode, they only state about 10min of information in the 44min show.

My new favorite is "How the Earth was Made". It’s very methodical and describes how each successive discovery lead to the next.

The University of Texas as a pretty good program and my understanding you can do an audit for $20. Sounds like a good deal to me. Besides maybe Amy Mainzer will do a guest lecture! :)


I'll vouch for "The Universe" series. There are really good ones like the one on light speed, and kinda boring ones like the "Biggest Blasts" one..... which is probably more personal preference than anything else. But I have had a few "OHHH" moments watching that show.


If you google physics, then click video, there are a ton of lectures from places like MIT.
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