My explanation of the baryogenesis problem...

Aug 31, 2021
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The Big Bang theory implies following steps:

1) Nothing with quantum fluctuation(s).
2) Initial singularity of infinite density and heat.
3) Inflation period with baryogenesis: matter and anti-matter should have been created in equal amounts.
4) Primordial nucleosynthesis or Hydrogen phase. Formation of the first stars and the expansion of the Inflaton field rather than explosion as suggested by the name Big Bang.
5) Stellar nucleosynthesis or Hydrogen into Helium phase and later, formation of the galaxies, further expansion.

I want to give few thoughts about the anti-matter.

Quantum fluctuation creates particle and anti-particle.

We have Proton and anti-Proton, P+ and P-. Just this two annihilate each other immediately. There would be no Universe if something isn`t adapted.

Notice the difference? Call it charge.

But two protons do not cancel each other. Nor the two anti-protons. Why not exploit this fact?

Let us try having two pairs: (P1+ and P1-) and (P2+ and P2-). Again this pairs would annihilate among itself.

Take two pairs but switch the members: (P1+ and P2-) and (P2+ and P1-). Shuffle.

Let us make a grid to keep the pairs separated. Do they still annihilate among themselves? No? Congratulations, P2- and P1- are now electrons and circle around the proton because the friction is the result of the simultaneous ability and inability to annihilate each other. Electron wants to annihilate with its counterpart, since they are matter and anti-matter, but can`t because it is not the member of the same pair therefore seeking next position or starting to circle around the proton. This is also the origin of the rotation.

Modify the pieces. Even better, divide it into the six smaller fragments (quarks) and modify each of them.

Introduce more distinctions other than charge. Diversify. Recombine. Add fundamental forces.

Voila! Our anti-matter is neutralised with the process of shuffling, modifying, fragmenting, diversification, recombination and introducing the basic laws of the physics.

Anti-matter didn`t disappear, it is embedded into the matter and dark matter.

Where ordinary people see the construction debris - the Universe see new building material.

Nothing is left useless.
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Aug 31, 2021
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Problem with the mass of the anti-proton arise since electron is much lighter. We can not just take proton, reverse its charge and say anti-proton is now electron. We must deal with the mass. What about primordial black holes? The difference in the mass could be confined in the primordial black holes.