NASA picks SpaceX, Dynetics and Blue Origin-led team to develop Artemis moon landers

Oct 21, 2019
As Space X's proposal uses their starship design which is launched on their Super Heavy launcher presumably in their case the astronaut crew could launch directly from Earth on the starship, directly land on the Moon and then take off again, either then to rendezvous with the Lunar Gateway or return directly to Earth (as the starship is designed to be able to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere). In that case then a manned mission to the Moon's surface wouldn't actually require NASA's Orion capsule or NASA's expensive SLS launcher. Being a cynic that might just count against Space X at the next contract award decision point....
Sep 13, 2020
Using the Space X Starship would be a significant change in direction from what NASA currently has planned for the moon missions. I can't imagine that they will simply throw away the years of development, and billions already spent on the SLS, and select the Space X lander and Super Heavy launcher.

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