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Need to replace head or collar of tripod for telescope

Aug 22, 2020
Hi everyone,

First of all, I apologize if this question has been answered in another thread, but my lack of vocabulary (not knowing the proper term) makes it difficult for me to know what I should search for. In short: I have inherited an old telescope that works fine, and I want to continue using it. Problem is, its tripod has probably been toppled over, and the quick-release base has been damaged. I would like to buy a replacement part for this tripod; it is just the top part, which may be called a "head", or "collar", or whatever, I just don't know. I have searched all over online stores, and haven't been able to locate what I want.

This link is a shared folder with photos that I took of my tripod, and the problematic part:

My photos are meant to show:
- What the head of the tripod looks like when attached.
- The quick-release base has some notches/teeth that are partly broken. Telescope can still attach, but can fall off easily. Too risky to use.
- The diameter of the collar at the bottom of the head.
- The diameter of the cylinder at the top of the tripod, in inches and in centimeters.

Most "head" parts I can find have a 3/8 inch receptable for a screw protruding from the top of the tripod, so cannot be installed on this tripod. Yet I have found so many tripods whose heads look compatible with my tripod. Am I searching for the wrong thing? Is this part not called a "head" with a "collar" base?

Thanks for any help!

Aug 22, 2020
I only know both the telescope and tripod are "Galileo", but have no other external markings describing model number or even family/series. Received it from someone who has no information about this equipment.
Aug 29, 2020
U don't say what is broken on the "Quick Release" base> Can a machine shop build U a new one, or repair the part instead of replacing it> Whatever U do be sure to put a lanyard of sum ting on it to prevent damage to your 'scope


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