Neutron stars

Aug 7, 2021
As I understand it it Neutron Stars as far as we know, seem to last forever. Unless space really is expanding and all that would be left are them and black holes. Strange.
Once stars die then they too will be, every billions of years, be cold remains. But if the expansion of space were to continue to accelerate all this changes.
Jul 27, 2021
The core of a neutron star contains some protons (and electrons) as well as neutrons as superfluid degenerate matter. In ‘The Five Ages of the Universe’, a book written by Professor Fred Adams and Professor Gregory P. Laughlin, about the future of an expanding universe first published in 1999, describes the ‘Degenerate Era’. The authors hypothesize that protons will begin to decay around 10^34 years as the minimum half life of proton decay.

Loosing the mass with radiation, the remains may evaporate.

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