Newfound asteroid the of a house will fly safely by Earth on Wednesday

Apr 15, 2020
Where in relation to the moon/constellations would I expect to see the asteroid if I were to have a go of trying to find it?
The report states "A newly discovered asteroid about the size of a house will zip safely by Earth on Wednesday (April 15), passing just inside the orbit of the moon."

Presently, many small objects pass by Earth and the Moon. 100th lunar asteroid collision confirmed by second telescope the Moon continues to be hit by small bodies, observed and documented now. My observation - the present lunar impact rate observed is very small compared to the lunar crater record documented. The lunar crater record indicates catastrophic bombardment in the past during the Moon's orbital history with Earth. The Giant Impact model for the origin of the Moon features the proto-Moon that is hot and molten after formation and continues to grow by accretion. Early impacts after the proto-Moon formation would be erased on the proto-Moon's surface as the Moon solidified and cooled - it would seem. The asteroid belt observed today, according to the standard accretion disk model for the solar system, we should see many more asteroids, some say orders of magnitude more mass should be there. Ref - Planet formation: key mechanisms and global models,

We live today in a basically quite period of solar system history vs. the catastrophism of the past :)
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Apr 15, 2020
This an object the size of a house thousands of miles away... Can you see a house on earth thousands of miles away? 🤦
Hmm, this is an incredibly rude and dismissive response. Its logic also quite flawed.

We cannot, for example, see a football field from 250 miles away while on Earth, however, the International Space Station can shine at times with a magnitude -3.9.

Perhaps try being a little less unpleasant to someone showing genuine interest in an awe inspiring subject.

In what part of the world will it be visible?
Will it be visible to the naked eye?
For this particular object, unfortunately, it appears as if it will remain out of the reach of naked eye viewing.

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"There never was a good war, or a bad peace."
"It was first discovered on Saturday (April 11)"

What happened to all the years when we could have politely nudged it off course?

Will someone please tell us what would have happened if it had been 'on course'?


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