Our expanding universe: Age, history & other facts

Well, the article is correct about inflation period where space expands >> c velocity. However, space is still expanding faster than c velocity according to the math used in BB model today. All objects with redshifts 1.4 or larger, are traveling in space expanding faster than c velocity. What is not commonly pointed out to the public is that space is 4D in the expansion math, not 3D space.

A friend of mine recently sent me this interesting information on BB model for expanding universe.

"It is not really a problem for the Big Bang theorists to have parts of the cosmos moving away from us faster than light. It's just that they can't explain it clearly without invoking a 4th spatial dimension, and they seem ashamed to admit that to the public for some reason. The case of a closed (positive curvature) Big Bang is fairly easy to visualize. You've all heard that the Big Bang theorists picture our 3-D space as the surface (not the interior) of an expanding balloon. But they fail to mention to the public that the balloon is expanding into a "hyperspace" of four spatial dimensions. The galaxies exist on (really in) the skin of the balloon. Their motion in the skin is limited by the speed of waves in the skin, namely by the speed of light c in the skin. The outward radial motion of the skin and the galaxies is greater than c. Apparently the theorists assume that the speed limit for matter in hyperspace is much greater than c. This scheme allows distant galaxies to move away from us greater than c --- because each one is moving at much less than c with respect to the skin in its vicinity. You can visualize case of a flat Big Bang by imagining the radius of the balloon approaching infinity. A negative-curvature Big Bang is harder to visualize."

The cosmology calculators will show the comoving radial distance and redshifts 1.4 or larger are moving faster than c velocity, somewhere, far, far away :)