Precession and Energy

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The problem of how to release the trapped energy retained by the field containment of sub-atomic particles continues to be challenging but I feel sure, the answer will be obvious when precession is properly controlled. The study revolves about how to fuel long distance exploration of space.

The concept of the precessive processes being responsible for the generation of the field that entraps parcels of energy within the baryon construct, remains my favourite theory of baryonic field generation. It may well be that the answer is staring us in the face because if we can isolate an electron and place it in the same environment with a positron, then the positive and negative charge is powerful enough to overcome the weak repulsive properties of the precessive fields generated by each entity.

The fields have to be different in nature if the concept of precession is related to the way the fundamental components of the electromagnetic parcel of energy are constructed i.e. the electric and the magnetic components have to be differently assembled in the two entities. I would like to see a detailed analyses of the two gamma rays released from this interaction. Is their precession for example, at 180 Degrees to each other?

We already see the annihilation of mass in the matter antimatter interaction and I would like to believe that this is no more than the weakening of the fields containing the parcels of energy within each entity, allowing energy to escape from the weakened fields.

Has anybody got information relating to precession properties of the gamma rays released from the electron and the positron interaction?
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